Western Renaissance: Constitution And Priciples

WESTERN RENAISSANCE is a lobby and support organisation on behalf of the troubled Western world, and its indigenous, Caucasian peoples. Funding is generated via donations to, and membership. Individual memberships are £5 per year. Organisations, or groups of individuals, can become members through the bloc membership system, whereby the annual fee is simply taken on account of the numbers of each group or organisation. Donations are at the discretion of those contributing. The lobbying and support network will be operated via the WESTERN RENAISSANCE EMBASSY, and its appointed legal representative in the form of a WESTERN RENAISSANCE AMBASSADOR. The survival, rights and support of the Caucasian Western peoples is paramount, but the Western Renaissance is not meant to supercede, or replace any group, political party, or any organisation where people pay membership fees, donate, or take part in political activity. It is an international UMBRELLA organisation, with a support structure, using legal lobbying rights in tandem. Similar cultural and ethnically sentient organisations have specific lobby groups that target educational, political, commercial, and religious leaders, in requesting help with their cause, or to rectify a perceived harm done to them. On the other hand, patriotic community leaders, writers, activists and professionals in communities around the world from those of Caucasian origin, are bereft of such options. Western Renaissance, exists to create hitherto unheard of opportunities, lobbying for social justice, jobs, the basic human right of association, and continued freedom of speech for the indigenous, Western European peoples, their culture, and the Socio-Eonomic stability of this, and future generations.

Western Renaissance is a non-profit based organisation, relying solely on membership and donations. All donations will be used to fulfill its obligations and aims, as outlined in this constitution. This can happen only once sufficient funding allows. Until such funding has reached the appropriate working capital, and an administration and banking facility has been instituted legally, the founder(s) cannot accept membership applications. Donations will be legally acceptable in the near future. Therefore, this constitution and proposal is strictly a blueprint for those interested in it’s eventual legal operating status.

(1) – Membership is open to all those people, wherever they reside in the world, of Caucasian/European origin. Membership is £5 (UK Sterling) per year. Western Renaissance will endeavour to strictly proportion only the necessary percentage of its income to fund salaries and running costs. The Western Renaissance will not be operated on a top down, bureaucratic basis. It’s agenda will employ the least possible jargon and paperwork in it’s necessary and legal administrative roles. Minor differences of individual members and financial supporters, or particular groups and organisations, will not be allowed to have any impact on it’s constitution. All donors, regardless of the amount presented, will not receive preferential treatment, nor should they expect consideration for membership on the Executive Committee. Any influence of the Western Renaissance Executive Committee that is seen to be at odds with it’s constitution, could if not countered, create an unwanted power bloc, or ideological change. Any attempt to undermine the principles and constitution will result in donations being refused, or handed back to the offending individuals, or organisations. Membership could also be refused, should such actions initially imply potential members may wish to donate only on their own terms. The Western Renaissance maintains the right to revoke membership in the event of subsequent attempts to destabilise it, or bring it into disrepute.

(2) – The organisation complements all international lobby groups, representing cultural, religious, economic, and ethnic communities, working within their indigenous, or long-held lands. Some very well known groups are duplicitous in their actions, therefore the Western Renaissance will be demanding the same basic human right: to act for its members and donors, whilst understanding, and not interfering with others, as is often the case regarding indigenous Western rights and freedoms. The Western Renaissance will not be drawn into  political arguments. Therefore, it will not under any circumstances, get involved in tit for tat communications with individuals, the media, TV or film ”celebrities” (minor or otherwise)  attempting to undermine the integrity of the organisation. Western Renaissance and it’s eventual Ambassador, exists simply to fulfill the obligations in it’s constitution and principles.

(3) – Western Renaissance operates a practice of lobbying, peaceful demonstration, and justifiable criticism of those it views as antagonistic. Members of a represented group, or association, should consider contributing the equivalent financial support, equal to that of individual membership, and be prepared to ally themselves honorably, and proudly, to Western Renaissance, once they have decided they require lobby, and/or support status.

(4) –Western Renaissance  is a serious organisation, determined to uphold the values of long established, Western  cultural traditions, and honour the ancient characteristics, and institutions of our forefathers. The founding committee will in no form whatsoever, allow Western Renaissance to surrender to any political leader, group, political or religious agenda. The existence of Western Renaissance is solely for the benefit, and rejuvenation, of the culture of the original descendants of Europe and Great Britain.

(5) – Where necessary, Western Renaissance will lobby collectively, for the freedom of Western political or cultural leaders, writers, or activists, regarding freedom of speech, when opposing globalism. The same applies to any Western community that has a genuine threat arrayed against it, which could endanger economic stability, lives, cultural heritage, and well-being.

(6) – As racial issues are purposefully made complex, due to the duplicity of so-called left-wing intellectuals, politically correct Scientists and institutions formerly operating with integrity and honour, it is imperative that, Western Renaissance distinguishes itself from those who promote blind hatred of other races, and those who wish to preserve the basic human, therefore natural right of association, in our long-held, or traditional geographical living spaces. This also allows Western Renaissance to communicate, and potentially work closely with, all groups worldwide, regardless of race, religion or political allegiances. Hence, ensuring that the true meaning of diversity, amongst the earth’s populace will be protected against the massive power, currently held by elitist, super-rich ethnic/religious/corporate groups. Their stated, and well documented aim has been available in written and media form for decades, and no further explanation on this subject is required. Western Renaissance deems that as it is a collective of individuals, it is therefore able to promote a constitution that has lawful and moral rights, in opposing laws that have not been sanctioned by the masses in any nation’s electoral process. Open political debate, and a free and honest democratic voting system, is a right that, Western Renaissance will lobby all Western nations on behalf of. This ensures future independent governance of each nation respectively, via the wishes and pleasure of the masses therein.

(7) – Western Renaissance will oppose, and expose all anti-Western rhetoric and dogma, including any doctored historical evidence, in addition to modern references of hatred towards our culture.  Western Renaissance will create a University, essentially basing it’s reason for existence on both pre-Christian and traditional Christian values, culture and religion. Firstly, this will happen online, and later, in a physical context, so as to oppose and expose the cultural, political, and religious/racial hatred, hidden behind current media programming and education. This has proven to be poison to young, impressionable minds. However, education will also be used to highlight historically erroneous references to the indigenous culture of Europeans, whereby even some older, propagandised people, believe that we are solely eternally guilty of slavery of the African peoples, and supposed oppression of other nations.

(8) – Our aim through education, will be to instill pride in our achievements, as a separate, distinctive people, whose culture and adventurous nature, is not a contributor to the world’s problems, but is in fact, the exact opposite. Pride does not mean superiority, as many are aware, there are aspects of the diverse races and cultures of earth that, have unique characteristics, both genetically, and culturally, which should be applauded, understood, and as far as Western Renaissance is concerned – encouraged in their survival, and future endeavours. A Western Renaissance guided future, where there will be no racial problems, simply because all the earth’s people will be comfortable in their own natural surroundings, is our aim. All cultures and races, should be able to continue unhindered by current well funded, well armed dictators and trouble-makers and their wealthy, behind-the-scenes social-engineers, using Marxism as an ideological weapon of mass intellectual and socio-economic destruction.

(9) –Western Renaissance  will be internationally vocal when it comes to exposing untruths. Our individual members, and financial supporters, will therefore be able to take part in a massive drive to expose what is happening in their particular country, region, or community. The world media and money supply, is controlled by the same elitist, global cabal, whereby their own racial and religious communities are kept unpolluted, standing arrogantly alone. This has led to the indigenous Westerner’s, rightful channels of democracy, intellectual debate, and legal redress, to become almost a distant memory. To challenge this, our people will have no option but to unite, and utilise the skills, intellect, and innovative natural ability that has produced for the world, advancements hitherto unknown – and push hard for our own survival, continued independence, and future prospects in a much happier, safer, freer and environmentally stable world order.

(10) – Millions of people will come together on mass, under the Western Renaissance banner, and create an intellectual, economic, and cultural challenge to the elites. For instance, if a family in England has serious and verifiable problems, regarding their safety, careers, living standards etc, or they are being ethnically cleansed, bullied, or coerced into being exploited, Western Renaissance will act on their behalf. If the same problem crops up in South Africa, America, Canada, France, or Germany etc, the exact same action will apply. What is, meant by act on their behalf? Until  Western Renaissance has considerable membership and funds, our Ambassador will officially write to, and lobby the relative international or national authorities. This may not seem particularly powerful, but at this moment in time, a Western Renaissance letterhead, and an official complaint by the Western Renaissance Ambassador, further supported by millions of people, is something that never existed before. Where possible, Western Renaissance will gather locals, and demonstrate for a remedy of the situation. Again, this will itself be of psychological help, and in addition, shock the establishment into taking notice, and possibly reversing any wrongful action. Western Renaissance will employ its own media to film and report such events within its own  multi-media operation.

(11) – Where there is a requirement for a large-scale physical demonstration, a Western Renaissance official intervention, and/or a threat by the aggrieved to withdraw further payments of debts in an honorable, corroborated disagreement, the organisation will employ legal aid, and ensure the aggrieved, and his or her family are not financially ruined, or become homeless. Western Renaissance will sadly be a non-entity until such times that, indigenous Westerners join on mass, therefore nothing is promised until that stage is reached in its operation. Only then, will all of the above be achievable, and only then, will Western civilisation be in a position to help itself.  To this end, elements of this constitution will in the future, be amended and/or struck out as appropriate.

(12) – Western Renaissance founders, and those employed within it, are voluntarily working for the most important cause ever in western history. Therefore, it is crucial they are not hindered by personal debt, or hindered in this important work through being bound by traditional work patterns. Eventually, they will be invited to work exclusively for Western Renaissance, so as to ensure it’s constitution and agenda are professionally implemented. This will enable the facilitation of a ”legally acknowledged Embassy”, with full legal and diplomatic entitlement, represented via an internationally recognised Western Renaissance Ambassador.


In line with our constitution and principles, the founders have nominated Edvard Grieg’s Two Nordic Melodies Op 63, as the organisation’s theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOcaZgF08Gc.


Our Motto is: Via Determination  (Via Terminatio)


Pro Bono Publico
email us at – theunn@live.com


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